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Christ is Risen!

There is nothing quite like the Easter season. After walking with the Savior through the season of Lent and the events of Holy Week - His suffering and death - and then standing in the light of the empty tomb on Easter morning, my heart is just filled with joy. I’m guessing your heart is too....

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We Shout for Joy!

When was the last time you shouted? Maybe your kids (or your grandkids) were about to run into the house with muddy shoes. And you shouted: "Stop! Take off those shoes!" Maybe you were having an argument and things got a little heated ...

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Great is Thy Faithfulness: A Message from Chapel's President

Fifty years. A long time, but yet just a blink of an eye. In 1965 gas was about one-tenth of today's prices. TheGreat Society was announced and the first combat troopswere sent to Vietnam. The average new house cost only$14,000 (think about that for a minute). And the GatewayArch was completed. Many of us remember those events plus others of that era. Chapel's story act...

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A Response of Love

Article from LCMS blog on several LCMS pastors' recent visits to Ferguson after the Mike Brown grand jury announcement....

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The Sign of the Cross

I recently read this wonderful story: A girl saw the minister make the sign of the cross on the people. So she made the sign on her playmates and then on her toys. She made the sign of the cross on her mother and father and on the people who rode on buses. She made the sign over her bed and on her favorite storybooks. Sometimes she made the sign of the cross over her food,...

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Time Marches On

Time is marching on! As I write this, 2013 is rapidly coming to a close. As you read this 2014 has already begun. Whether we want it to or not, time is marching on. Time can be so elusive: Whoops! There goes a whole week! Where did the time go?! But then there are other periods of time that just seem so sluggish. And have you noticed how uncooperative time is? When you ...

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Neighbor to Neighbor

In the last Crossroads issue, Pastor Laesch shared Chapel’s stewardship goal: One Plus One. Now in this CrossRoads issue, we extend One Plus One to include an emphasis on reaching our neighbors. We call it Neighbor to Neighbor. Here is how it works:...

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One Year in Tanzania!

Chapel members Eric and Linda Funke have had an incredible first year of ministry in Tanzania! Check out this video they put together showing what they've been doing and what their goals are for the coming year. Thank you also for your prayers and financial support for the Funkes. ...

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Live Love[d]

What is love? Take 30 seconds to write down as much as you can to describe love. Ready? Go! What did you write? How did your Christian faith shape your response to that question? Over the past several weeks, Chapel’s senior youth have been discussing what it means to love in today’s world. One piece of advice from the movie Moulin Rouge! stresses how vita...

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Father's Day

My dad was a pastor too. In many ways, that defined him--it was who he was. “Pastor Laesch.” But to me he was just “dad.” As we move toward Father’s Day my thoughts turn often to him....

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